Civics Videos

Lesson 1 What is Civics?

Lesson 2 Rule of Law (SS.7.C.1.9)

Lesson 3 Citizenship (SS.7.C.2.1,2.2)

Lesson 4 Enlightenment Influences (SS.7.C.1.1)

Lesson 5 Founding Documents (SS.7.C.1.2)

Lesson 6 Road to Revolution (SS.7.C.1.3)

Lesson 7 Declaration of Independence (SS.7.C.1.4)

Lesson 8 Articles of Confederation (SS.7.C.1.5)

Lesson 9 Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists (SS.7.C.1.8)

Lesson 10 Political Parties (SS.7.C.2.8)

Lesson 11 Candidates (SS.7.C.2.9)

Lesson 13 Preamble to the Consitution (SS.7.C.1.6)

Lesson 14 Breaking Down the Constitution (SS.7.C.1.7)

Lesson 15 The Legislative Branch (SS.7.C.3.3, 3.8)

Lesson 16 The Executive Branch (SS.7.C.3.3, 3.8)

The Executive Branch Worksheet

Lesson 17 The Judicial Branch (SS.7.C.3.3, 3.8)

The Judicial Branch Worksheet

Lesson 18 The Bill of Rights (SS.7.C.2.4, 2.5)

Lesson 19 Voting Rights Amendments (SS.7.C.3.5, 3.7)

Lesson 20 Landmark Supreme Court Cases (SS.7.C.3.12)

Lesson 21 Federalism (SS.7.C.3.4)

Lesson 22 Forms and Systems of Government (SS.7.C.3.1,2)

Lesson 23 International Organizations (SS.7.C.4.2)